Our brand is experiencing a new moment in its history

and that’s why we have come up with a new visual identity that will amaze you.

We are attentive to the transformations of the world and stay in close contact with the feminine universe to always be able to surprise you with footwear that is inspired by Brazilians, and that unites fashion with comfort at affordable prices.Our way of being and the way we relate with our customers makes us unique and authentic.

  • We are close

    We have the simplicity and empathy to see what women want. We understand that fashion can be subtle, not imposing. We listen to the woman, we are on their side.We want to take care of them, the way friends take care of each other. We want you to find in Bebecê and organic friendship, one that happened naturally.

  • We are restless

    We never stop, we are never satisfied. It is the need to know, to transform according to the needs of women and to evolve together with them, to walk side by side with them.We accompany woman at their pace. We are a brand that is in tune and is linked to the world of fashion and trends.We are constantly transforming, but without losing our essence.

  • We are surprising

    We surprise our consumers with our new product launches and we manage to deliver comfortable fashion. But we don’t stop there.We provoke curiosity. We are innovative in our practices, we seek more to be able to give more. We are versatile and our products show this.We surprise our clients because we have the empathy to interpret what people expect of us, and we go beyond that.


She has changed. So we have changed too. Change is almost synonymous with evolution - or at least, it should be. And we have noticed you changing. The female transformation has influenced new attitudes. Today, you can be and look like you want, dress according to your identity. Be who you want to be.

Discover yourself. Find your style. Do things the way you want to. Take a chance on a new look. Don’t hide. Pay attention to yourself.

Female transformation has overcome gender barriers and has given us new looks. Can you imagine living in a world where fashion is not imposed on you and where trends respect the individual? Or have you ever imagined fashion being more sensitive? We have! This is how we want to live: including, respecting, understanding. Simply empowering the pleasure of living!

That is why evolving side by side makes so much more sense; to be truly connected with women to innovate with them. We have brought back the essence of the Brazilian and we have been inspired by feminine transformations to create a universe in which our feet express a lot about us.

We have let go of the past to be able to make the future amazing. We face new challenges so that the unexpected can cross the path of more women every day. After all, they have changed. So we have changed with them.

Bebecê, surprising our clients with every step.